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    Taking Personal and Social Responsibility through Traditional Games

    Central Ideas:

    Year 1 - Safe participation requires sharing space and following rules.

    Year 2 and Year 3 - The use of responsible practices can contribute to our safety and enjoyment.

    Year 4 and Year 5 - There are positive and negative outcomes for taking personal and group risks that can be evaluated in order to maximize enjoyment and promote safety.

    Year 6 - Identifying and participating in activities we enjoy can motivate us to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Week Traditional Games TPSR
    1 Chinese Hacky Sack - Kick the Key 毽子 / Eagle Catches Chicks 老鹰捉小鸡 Respect
    2 Hide and Seek 丢手绢 / Hoops 滚铁环 Effort & Cooperation
    3 Drum Fit / Cardio Drumming - Link to Chinese Drumming Self-Direction
    4 Summative Assessment - Create an activity based on traditional games Caring & Leadership
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