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    All children at Glenealy are allocated to a House upon admission which they remain in for the duration of their time at the school. Children are assigned to the same House as their older siblings. Staff members are also allocated to a House. Our House system supports the values we have for our children and community in the following ways:

     to encourage a sense of belonging and a collective spirit

     to provide opportunities for to participate in a positive competitive environment

     to strengthen pastoral care – especially vertically (Y1-6)

     to provide opportunities for students to develop social and leadership skills

     to develop school pride, involvement and participation

     to represent a family within the whole school community

     to create an opportunity for cooperation and competition

    Our four houses are; 

    During the 2021 -2022 school year we had some fabulous House events and competitions. These included; the Design a House Logo competition, the House Colours Photography Challenge, the Glenelay Spelling Bee and the House Colours Community Challenge. 

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      House Points Current Totals


      • Topic 3

        Year 4 - 6 Rounders Tournaments

        At the end of each of their rounders units of work, Year 4, 5 & 6 put the skills they had learnt during their P.E. lessons to compete for their house.

        Check out the photos of each of the tournaments and the results below.

        • Topic 4

          Glenealy House

          Safe Haven Fundraiser

          The fundraiser will be held after school on Thursday 24th February 

          We will collect your donations on our stall on the Lower Playground

          As a THANK YOU for your donation you will receive delicious home made fudge

          The House that raises the most money will be the winner


          • Topic 5

            Glenealy House Photography Competition

            And the winners are....

            4th Place - Robinson - 400 points

            3rd Place - Kennedy - 440 points

            2nd Place - Bowen 560 points

            1st Place - Caine - 620 points

            Congratulations to the individual winning photographers

            Our next exciting house competition is a photography competition, inspired by the work of the artist, Slinkachu.

            Slinkachu is a London based artist, who creates small scale street art and installations and photographs them.

            Since 2006 he has been remodelling and painting miniature model train set characters, placing them in the streets and photographing their 'daily lives'. In 2015 he teamed up with Marvel to create micro installations all over London.

            Check out these fantastic examples of his work

            What you need to do:

            1. Choose a theme and collect or make the props to complete your idea.  You could use any little figures you have e.g. lego people.

            2. Think of a setting, it could be somewhere in your home, or out in the city, the beach, the country parks etc. 

            3. You could use crisp bags, cans, shoes, recycling / rubbish, plasticine, playdoh, wire, glue - anything you can think of!

            4. Set up your scene using the props you have brought and take several photographs to make sure you capture the scene from the right angle. 

            5. Choose the photograph you like the best and upload it to your house on the 

            padlet here.

            The winning photographs will win points for their house.

            There will also be points for the houses that submits the most entries.

            Good Luck!

            • Topic 6

              Year 3 & 4 Athletics Meet

              What a great morning the Year 3 and 4 Students had at their Athletics Meet at Causeway Bay Sports Ground on Friday 2nd December.

              Their athletic skills, behaviour and enthusiasm were amazing to see.

              Each of the students worked super hard to attain points for their individual total and for the combined House total. 

              The final scores were; 

              4th place - Kennedy- 2276 points

              3rd place - Caine - 2965 Points

              2nd place - Robinson - 3241 Points

              1st place - Bowen- 3495 Points

              Special Congratulations to the Winning Athletes

              • Topic 7

                Design a Lai See Packet

                Well done to everyone who entered our Design a Lai See Packet competition

                The final scores were.......

                4th place - Robinson - 44 Packets

                2nd place - Kennedy - 45 Packets 

                2nd place - Caine - 45 Packets

                1st place - Bowen - 61 Packets


                A Lai See packet has a small offering placed inside it and is given out during Chinese New Year. 

                We would like you to design a Lai See packet for the Glenealy community. 

                We will give you a piece of A4 art paper in a protective plastic pocket.  

                Your design needs to include the Chinese message written in Chinese characters. 

                It must be A LINE drawing done with a black marker

                We will then organise for the winning designs to be printed in gold like this example

                Bring your designs into school and deliver them to 4R to Mrs. Rutkowski by the

                5th of December

                Make sure your design is placed back in the plastic sleeve and is not squashed in your school bag!

                ****REMEMBER to add your name, class and house at the bottom of the page. Keep your name, class and house away from your design as we will need to take a clear photo of your design

                The winning Lai See designs will win points for their house.

                There will also be points for the houses that submit the most entries.   

                *Only 1 entry per child

                • Topic 8

                  Year 5 & 6 Athletics Meet

                  What a fabulous day the Year 5 and 6 Students had at their Athletics Meet at Causeway Bay Sports Ground on Friday 18th November.

                  Their enthusiasm, skills and support of one another was fabulous to see.

                  Each of the students tried their best to attain points for their individual total and for the combined House total. 

                  The final scores were; 

                  4th place - Caine - 3106 points

                  3rd place - Robinson - 3579 Points

                  2nd place - Kennedy - 3830 Points

                  1st place - Bowen- 4179 Points

                  Special Congratulations to the Winning Athletes

                  • Topic 9

                    Box of Hope

                    A huge THANK YOU to everyone who brought a box for our Box of Hope collection.

                    We collected over 200 boxes.

                    The final scores were; 

                    4th place - Robinson - 42 Boxes

                    3rd place - Bowen - 52 Boxes

                    2nd place - Bowen - 59 Boxes

                    1st place - Kennedy - 61 Boxes 


                    Our next House event is Box of Hope.

                    Box of Hope is a charity that helps underprivileged children in Hong Kong and all over Asia.

                    All you have to do to put a smile on a child’s face is  fill a shoe box with NEW and INTERESTING items!

                    Some of these children have never ever received a gift - let’s change that!

                    Box of Hope has collected 272,300 boxes across Asia since 2008! With your help, maybe this year Box of Hope will collect it’s 300,000th box!. 

                    We would like you to pack a shoebox and bring it to the collection point on the lower playground between 1st - 5th November.

                    When packing your box please remember ...............

                    All items must be NEW

                    NO CLOTHING, NO LIQUIDS or NO FOOD items

                    Nothing that requires batteries as batteries cannot be posted

                    Wrap the lid & shoebox separately. DO NOT seal.

                    Remember to wrap your gift box in your house colour. 

                    Please include a toothbrush, some toothpaste and a bar of soap that is in a container to stop it spoiling other items that you have packed.

                    If you include pencils do not forget to also include a pencil sharpener


                    • Topic 10


                      Congratulations to everyone for donating so many items of clothing to our Redress collection.

                            We filled the four boxes and added 8 extra bags of clothes.


                      The final scores were; 

                      4th place - Robinson - 330 items of clothes

                      3rd place - Caine - 380 items of clothes

                      2nd place - Kennnedy - 392 items of clothes

                      1st place - Bowen - 498 items of clothes


                      We are excited to announce that our first house event of the school year will take place in October; Redress!

                      We will have a clothing drive to collect unwanted clothing between 5th - 14th  of October.

                      Drop off your unwanted men’s, women’s and children’s clothes into the House Coloured Redress Donation boxes at Glenealy School Lower Playground. No plastic or paper bags - just the clothes. Please note that shoes, school and work uniforms and home textiles e.g. towels, blankets etc. are not accepted. A house point will be awarded for each item of clothing that is in each of the Redress boxes.

                      As well as the clothes donations we will have a Get Redressed, Non-Uniform Day on Friday 14th October. On this day Students should wear something that was not purchased from new. For example: 

                      Clothes purchased secondhand

                      Clothes that have been fixed e.g. patch, altered, new buttons 

                      Clothes that have been borrowed or swapped with a friend/family member

                      The oldest item in their wardrobe


                      Homemade or upcycled clothes

                      Items made from recycled yarns/plastic

                      So start clearing out your wardrobes and support your house and the environment this October