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    All children at Glenealy are allocated to a House upon admission which they remain in for the duration of their time at the school. Children are assigned to the same House as their older siblings. Staff members are be allocated a House and will show support during in House events for that House.  Our House system supports the values we have for our children and community in the following ways:

     to encourage a sense of belonging and a collective spirit

     to provide opportunities for positive competitive spirit

     to strengthen pastoral care – especially vertically (Y1-6)

     to provide opportunities for students to develop social and leadership skills

     to develop school pride, involvement and participation

     to represent a family within the whole school community

     to create an opportunity for cooperation and competition

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      Topic 1

      House Colours Photography Challenge

      You will need to take a photograph of something which celebrates your House colour! You can look around the house or even go outside to explore HK. 

      Year 1-3 Padlet 

      Year 4-6 Padlet 

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        House Colours Community Challenge

        To provide a community feel to our House Challenge Day, we invited families to submit a photo of household members (including pets!) showing off their House colours. What an amazing effort families made in supporting our Glenealy Houses. Thank you for your creativity and team spirit! Please visit the House Colours Community Challenge Padlet below to view the photos (password Glenealy)


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          • TOTAL HOUSE POINTS: 395

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            CURRENT STATS

            • TOTAL HOUSE POINTS: 455
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              CURRENT STATS

              • TOTAL HOUSE POINTS: 875
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                CURRENT STATS

                • TOTAL HOUSE POINTS: 955
                • Topic 7

                  SPELLING BEE

                  The House Spelling Bee was a great success for children across the school. Well done to our winners and all of the children who took part!