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    Diversity, equity & inclusion is at the heart of our work. We are committed to developing our school and community to ensure that it is a welcoming and safe place for all. We recognise that everyone has a duty to ensure that all children, family members and staff feel they belong and that children should have the space to create and develop their own identities

    Glenealy's Learning Diversity Policy

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    Parent Resource: Neurodiversity - Including All (Webinar Recording)

    ESF celebrates and promotes learning diversity and aims to enable all students to be the best they can be. A key topic of discussion in the area of inclusion is the genuine acceptance of diversity and the support and language needed to enable this. In this webinar, we have Dr Rachael Edwards and Dr Rosie Thomasson, ESF Educational Psychologists to explain how ESF advocates for students with different strengths, stretches, background knowledge, skills and learning styles. The webinar also aims to provide a balanced perspective on current thinking and research related to the diagnosis of learning and developmental conditions such as dyslexia, Autism, ADHD, etc.

    Neurodiversity - Including All (Webinar)

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    Adam Jones

    (Learning Diversity Lead)

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      DEI at Glenealy

      We shared what DEI means to us at Glenealy and our plans for the coming year on our coffee mornings. Please see the recording below if you missed it. 

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        Glenealy Unity Project

        We are very proud to have completed our Glenealy Unity project, part of our DEI work and representing our sense of belonging and strength as a community. Expressed though art, every child and adult has contributed, reflecting the diversity of ideas that we share.

        Below is a digitised version of the physical banner which measures 1.3 metres wide and 6 metres tall!

        Well done to Ms Lavery for conceiving and coordinating this inspiring project!

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