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      We acknowledge that home learning can provide a platform for parents to have a greater understanding and involvement in their child’s schooling.

      At Glenealy, we believe home learning is best when it:

      • Is specific to the needs of the individual learners.
      • Provides a platform to take action when pursuing interests and passions.
      • Is manageable and meaningful for students, teachers and parents.
      • Reinforces basic maths and reading skills.
      • Is flexible enough to cater for different family lifestyles and priorities.
      • Enables students to continue to work on meeting personalised targets.
      • Is responsive to aspects of learning that have arisen during the day/week

      Weekly home learning will include:


      Students are expected to read on a regular basis. Teachers will indicate how the reading record will be kept in each year level.


      Years 2-6 will have a set mathematics task each week. These tasks will often be on digital platforms eg Mathletics.

      Taking Action

      Children will be expected to document and/or share follow-up action that they have taken in response to their learning on a weekly basis.


      In addition, some students will benefit from focusing on their personalised learning targets. The child’s teacher will share these targets with parents.


      Chinese as a Second Language – (CSL) Students

      Students are expected to read on a regular basis, such as reading through Mandarin Matrix Online Learning and using the Chinese library resources. Home learning tasks will be provided on digital platforms such as Quizlet. Links to the relative platforms will be available on Glenealy Globe (Parents As Partners -Language – Chinese).

      Chinese as Near Native (CNN) Students

      Students are encouraged to read and write on a regular basis to complement the learning that is done in class in these areas. Sessions will be provided weekly for students to share their writing and to have it critiqued by classmates and staff to ensure continuous improvement. Please ensure the writing brought to class is original work and has not been edited or created by tutors. Home learning tasks will also be provided on digital platforms. You can find extra reading resources on Glenealy Globe (Parents As Partners -Language – Chinese).

      Resources to Support Home Learning

      There are also extensive resources to be found on the Glenealy Globe including a dedicated section on Mathematics in the Parents as Partners section.

      Homework over the holidays/family absences and illness

      Schoolwork will not be issued when children are away due to family holidays or events when the school is open for lessons. However, in the case of longer illnesses, the teacher can provide advice and support on continuing learning at home.

      Parents/Caregivers Role in Supporting Homework

      To assist you can:

      • Schedule a weekly timetable, balancing home learning with other extracurricular activities – this assists the child to develop good time management and study patterns.
      • Provide adequate access to a PC/laptop for tasks that require the use of online programmes.
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        Epic books/ Razz kids -  passwords found in diary


        Click below to listen to some stories:

        Write and create your own story with these websites!


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           Useful Mathematics Websites For Supporting At Home


           Years 1-2

           Years 3-6



          • Topic 5


            Movement Through Stories - This is an audio resource so the kids can exercise screen-free. Each story is 5-10 minutes long. Best suited to Years 1-3, maybe Year 4 at a push.  

            Brain-Based Exercises - Students (and adults) can follow these exercises to create their own routines and learn a bit about brain science (maybe edit out some of the blurbs for younger children)

            Activity Challenges - Can be shared as a whole resource or just pick out one slide each time. 
            Musical Workout - includes rare footage of me actually working out - a real collector's item... 

            Physical Activity Menu - Includes well-being videos. I shared this last year and will continue to update with some new safeshare videos. Please share the links with your class and not the whole document as I will be basing some learning engagements around this resource throughout the year. 

            NETFLEX - A particularly cheesy take on Netflix by the online PE community. Same as above, I'll update as we go. 

            Drop Everything and Rest