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      Here you will find access to the weekly timetable, daily schedules as well as all the links needed to provide your child with all the resources necessary to support their learning. 

      We will do everything that we can to ensure the continuity of learning during this time. 

      ZOOM Essential Agreements for all:

      • We agree to be on time for our Zoom sessions

      • We agree to be appropriately dressed for the Zoom sessions (e.g. In daytime clothing not Pyjamas)

      • We agree to attend fully to the Zoom sessions by listening to our classmates and teachers and contributing when needed

      • We will choose an appropriate space to work in, where we can sit upright and attend fully, using our whole body listening

      • We will limit our distractions (e.g. focus on windows and tabs with school learning only during this time)

      • We will manage the space around our computer, keeping the area as clear as possible by avoiding having toys, pets or any food in your work space. (It is ok to have water available during Zoom)

      • We will make sure our video is on and we will only use the Zoom link for children in our class


      • Topic 2

        Where we are in Place and Time 

        Central Idea: Exploration leads to discovery and new understanding 

        Lines of Inquiry: 

        • Reasons for exploration 
        • What we learn from exploration 
        • Impact of exploration on people's lives 


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           Y3 Camp Meeting (recorded 01/09/2021)

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