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      Celebrating Stories

      This month we are Celebrating Stories at Glenealy. We invite the school community to access the activities on the Celebrating Stories website. Each response will earn a point towards your child's house, and there will be prizes for some of the activities in the week.

      On Friday (29th April), we ask that your child comes in costume as a story character. We encourage you to use what you already have at home! 

      You can also access a 15% discount through Bookazine!

      To access the Celebrating Stories Website, please click HERE >

      • Topic 3

        Fox February: 42K Your Way

        During February, we invite our school community to participate in Fox February - a virtual Terry Fox Run. There are three aims for this event:

        • To promote and connect with our Glenealy School 'Ways to Wellbeing' (Connect, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Be Active, Give)

        • To raise awareness of the Terry Fox Foundation for cancer research

        • To engage the whole school community 


        The theme of the Terry Fox Run 2022 is '42K Your Way'. This means that you could choose to run a total distance of 42 km over the remainder of February or perform various physical activities that are equal to 1 km of running using an activities conversion table (eg. 7 minutes of dancing = 1 km of running). 


        Please find information about Terry Fox and more details of this event by clicking HERE >

        ⦿ BE ACTIVE
        The recording template for you to copy or print, along with the activity conversion table can be found HERE >

        To encourage community engagement, we would like to give families the opportunity to represent their Glenealy House by recording how many members of the household complete the '42K Your Way' on HERE >

        Please share photos or short videos of the different physical activities you chose to do with your friends and family on this PADLET >

        Please contact Mr Pattison if you have any questions.


        • Topic 4

          Nature Scavenger Hunt

          Glenealy School PTA invites families to take part in our Nature Scavenger Hunt!

          1. Download the scavenger hunt sheet HERE >

          2. Take a walk with your family and try and find as many items on the sheet as possible.

          3. Take your finds home.

          4. Create an art piece inspired by the items you found on your hunt. Lots of ideas for this on Pinterest.

          5. Upload a photo of your finished masterpiece onto the Scavenger Hunt PADLET >

          6. Every uploaded picture earns a house point. Make sure you upload your photo under your house name.

          GOOD LUCK - we look forward to seeing your creative artwork!

          • Topic 5

            Chinese New Year

            Chinese New Year, or the Spring Festival, is the most important celebration observed in China, with cultural and historic significance. The festival signals the beginning of spring, and the start of a new year according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

            We would love to know how you celebrate Chinese New Year in your family and understand what this festival means to you. Please click the Padlet link below to upload a video, picture or photo explaining how you celebrate. 

            • Topic 6


              Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, is a Jewish festival that is celebrated around the world by families. 

              Please click the Padlet icon below to upload a video, picture or photo onto our Hanukkah Padlet explaining how you celebrate at home with your family.

              We look forward to you sharing your celebration with us.

               O Hanukkah

              • Topic 7

                Box of Hope

                Once again the Glenealy community came together to support the Box of Hope charity. This is an annual event supporting the project aimed at providing useful gifts to underprivileged children across Asia.  

                Here is the link to the official website If you need more information about the Box of Hope charity ( link.

                Click here to see more photos of the children bringing in their boxes. Thanks for the 238 boxes that we recieved and thanks again for your generosity and support. 

                • Topic 8


                  Diwali is celebrated differently in different cultures across India and worldwide. People from different communities and regions observe Diwali in their own unique ways.  We would love to know how you celebrate Diwali in your family or to understand what Diwali means to you. 

                  Please click the Padlet icon below to upload a video, picture or photo onto our Diwali Padlet explaining how you celebrate the Festival of light. We look forward to you sharing your celebration with us.

                   Click here to watch a fantastic video created by our PTA and Glenealy parents all about the story of Diwali and its traditions. 

                   Here is a presentation all about Diwali made by Lakshmi Samaga.

                   Well done to all Year groups who participated in a variety of Diwali engagements last week.  Have a look at all the wonderful videos and photos here.  LINK > 

                   Click here to see a video of some of the learning that took place during Diwali. 

                  • Topic 9


                    Well done to all of the children and families who have contributed their unwanted clothes to the Redress Charity during the month of October. We have filled 5 boxes with clothing that will be donated to this worthwhile cause. Look at some of the Redress action and activities that our children have engaged with by clicking on this LINK >

                    • Topic 10

                      Mid-Autumn Festival

                      Earlier this year, we invited families to tell us what Mid-Autumn Festival means to them by sharing their thoughts and ideas on the Padlet below.

                      Thank you to everyone who participated!