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      Pizza and Disco 2022 

      Thank you to our team of Parent Volunteers for organising and delivering pizza to all of our classes, the students were very excited by this treat and they entered the disco feeling energised!

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        Celebrating Hanukkah at Glenealy School

        Our team of Parent Volunteers have been working with the students to bring some festive Hanukkah fun during lunchtimes. Students have been able to decorate dreidels, play the dreidel game and also play the candle in the bottle game. 

        We have seen presentations in classrooms from some of our students to help us learn more about Hanukkah.

        Special thanks to our Parent Volunteers for organising and running the Hanukkah events this week. 


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          Celebrating Diwali at Glenealy School 2022

          We have had lots of fun learning about and celebrating Diwali at Glenealy School.

          Please enjoy more pictures showing the events from the week in this film here.

          We would like to give special thanks to our team of parents and adults who have been helping the children each lunchtime to create clay Diyas and Rangoli patterns on the playground. 

          Wishing all of our families a Happy Diwali !


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            Our PTA and team of Parent Volunteers who have worked every year group this week to run Christmas Decoration Workshops during lunch times. The children have loved making the decorations and are very proud to see the final result of their efforts decorating our Christmas Tree and the playground.

            A very big thank you to the PTA and Parent Volunteers who worked so hard to run this event.


            • Topic 6


              “Bringing our Community Together  to Celebrate Mid Autumn Festival”

              We were thrilled to have been able to hold our Mid-Autumn Festival event and bring our families and community together to start the new academic year in a safe and socially distanced way.

              Concept note: Our School, Our Canvas

              The Mid Autumn Festival Art Installation Walkthrough was a collaboration between all staff and children, and our community as a whole. 

              Taking inspiration from a variety of galleries and events which Glenealy School staff have attended, staff and students have worked together to realise our vision; Our School, Our Canvas.

              Our School Our Canvas: inspired by Dan Flavin’s Constructed Light, the dialogue between art and architecture.

              Our School, Our Canvas

              Please click on the links below to access the photographs, sound files and films which were shared during the evening.

              Participatory Artwork

              Participatory Artwork

              Year Group Light Installations

              Year Group Light Installations

              Chinese Culture Study

              Chinese Culture Study

              Photographic Documentation

              Photographic Documentation

              Sound Installation

              Year 5 and 6 have worked with music sequencing software to create musical
              soundscape pieces that have been woven together to create a soundtrack for our Mid Autumn Festival.
              There is almost 40 minutes of music that has been created by the students. The works swing from the eclectic, to jazz, to rock, to vocal, to electric styles.
              The students' pieces are infused with recordings of the story of Mid Autumn
              Festival spoken in Mandarin and sporadically interspersed with Year 3 students wishing us a Happy Mid Autumn Festival.