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    The Glenealy School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to the new and returning families of our community for the new school year. The PTA is dedicated to bringing the Glenealy community together and enriching our students' educational experience. 


    Parents continue to play an integral part in the institution and without their commitment and contribution, the School would not be the success it is today. The Parents committee sits at the very heart of the institution and plays a massive role in bringing our community together and fundraising.

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      ABOUT US

      The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) plays an important role in the life of our school. It brings together parents, teachers, and other community members to work toward the following common goals:


       Build a sense of community and belonging

       Enhance the student experience

       Advocate for student learning and the work of the school


      Through involvement in PTA activities and events, families can connect with one another and build relationships with teachers and staff, all while contributing towards the sense of community and belonging that us essential in ensuring everyone feels supported and valued. 


      The PTA also works to enhance the student experience by organising and funding various activities and initiatives. These can include field trips, after-school programs, cultural experiences and fundraising campaigns to support important school projects or initiatives. These efforts contribute to creating a vibrant and engaging learning environment where students can thrive and flourish.


      The PTA is an essential advocate for celebrating children's learning and promoting the work of the school. It does this by highlighting our achievements, helping families gain a better understanding of our educational provision, and engaging with the wider community. This advocacy can lead to positive developments that benefit the entire school community, such as improvements to curriculum, facilities, or resources.


      Overall the PTA contributes widely to life at school. Through it's efforts to build community, enhance the student experience, and advocate for children's learning, the PTA contributes to creating a positive and supportive environment where students can be the best they can be. 

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        Contact Details

        Tel: 2522 1919

        Email -


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        PTA Committee Member - Role Description

        Class Representative - Role Description

        Complete the form here to register your interest in becoming a Class Representative, PTA Committee Member or to volunteer on an adhoc basis. 

        Find out about upcoming events on the School Calendar here.


        Glenealy Uniform Guidelines - click here

        Order Glenealy School Uniform from click here for supplier’s details

        PTA Second Hand Uniform Sales will be advertised in the school newsletter. 

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          PTA COMMITTEE 2023-2024

          Executive Committee
          Chair Rashida Mithaiwala
          Vice Chair Firuzeh Ispahani
          Hon. Secretary Soo Choi
          Hon. Treasurer Naqiyah Talib

          Parent Representatives

          Ansuya Joseph
          Bailing Sun
          Karina Nandwani
          Lydia Rong
          Micaelia Kemp
          Pia Uttam
          Reshma Dhamani
          Sol Levy
          Zainab Ebrahim
          Zoe Zhang

          Ex Officio Principal

          Chris Coyle

          Vice Principal

          Jennine Harding

          Teacher Representatives

          Rachel Lavery

          Mary Rutkowski
          Alison Macrea

          PTA Administrator

          Geeta Sham

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            PTA Membership

            All families with children attending ESF schools automatically become members of that school’s PTA.  There is a subscription fee per family every year which is paid online using the e-payment facility on the VLE. Detailed information will be provided within the first few weeks of the school year. With this fee we support the school by engaging our students in fun and interesting activities and events, financial contributions to school renovations and looking after the wellbeing of the school community. 


            The PTA relies on the contribution of the Glenealy community who donate their skills and time to enhance and upgrade the school’s environment.  We are incredibly grateful for this untiring support and involvement. In recent years, PTA has worked with the school on extensive internal and external renovations and enhancements through various fundraising activities.

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              GET INVOLVED 

              Joining the PTA is an excellent way to become informed and involved in enhancing your child’s educational experience. We are incredibly grateful for the unwavering and tireless support of the PTA who graciously volunteer their time and talent to enhance the school environment.  


              There are many ways in which you can contribute. You can join the PTA Committee,  become a Class Representative or help at events and fundraisers held over the course of the year. We welcome new ideas and thoughts.

              Complete the form here to register your interest in becoming a Class Representative, PTA Committee Member or to volunteer on an adhoc basis. 


              Join the PTA Committee 

              Bring your skills, ideas and enthusiasm to the heart of our school community. This highly rewarding role offers the opportunity to provide your input and help organise some fantastic events. A more detailed role description can be found here.


              Become a Class Representative 

              This is a great opportunity to be the central contact point between the school, PTA and your child’s class.  In addition to communicating important information between the PTA and the class, class representatives organize social gatherings for parents in each year group to mingle and get to know each other, as well as class specific fundraising events such as bake sales. Each class has a maximum of two class representatives.  A more detailed role description can be found here.


              Casual Volunteering

              The PTA host a number of events and fundraising activities throughout the year that can only happen with the time devoted by volunteers from within our school community.  Whether helping at a year group fundraiser or organizing a new event we value your insight and support.


              Please email if you are interested in finding out more or would like to get involved!


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                The PTA organizes events and activities to enhance the educational experience for the children at school and to enable the community to come together. Previous events include Diwali and Hannukah celebrations, Christmas ornament making, Christmas party lunch and disco, CNY celebrations and the very popular Glenealy School Fair! Don't forget to visit and bookmark the Events & Celebrations page keep up to date on all Glenealy happenings.  

                Highlights from 2023/2024 Events & Celebration

                Highlights from 2022/2023 Events & Celebrations