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  • General

    We are committed to working closely with our families during the prevalence of COVID-19. The latest updates and information regarding school arrangements will be posted to this page. Our COVID plans have been designed in line with guidance set out by the EDB to facilitate a safe and healthy experience for all children and adults. The information below is intended to provide an overview of the various arrangements we have put into place.

    • Preparing My Child


      Children will be welcomed by staff members at the Main Gate (closest to Old Peak Rd). We ask parents and caregivers to say goodbye to their child on the Hornsey Rd footpath.  

      Please ensure that you have updated your child's temperature and RAT result in the ESF App each morning. 

      ESF APP

      When students enter the school, they will use hand sanitiser and have their temperature checked again before going to their classroom to start lessons at 8:30 am.


      All of the Glenealy team work tirelessly to ensure that children feel well supported and welcome. However, the classes may look a little different than the children are used to. This is because, where necessary, we will implement social distancing measures such as dividers or differently positioned desks to ensure that we adhere to EDB and CHP guidelines. 


      Children will be wearing a mask all day. They should bring a spare.  It would be nice for them to have somewhere to keep their mask if they take it off - an envelope, small pouch, or bag may be helpful. Please speak with your child(ren) to ensure they know the importance of wearing a mask all day at school.


      We will support and encourage children to wash their hands and use sanitiser where appropriate.  Please talk to your child about the importance of good hygiene.


      We will ask children to carefully move around the school, with dedicated year group staircases to avoid crowding. There will be times when children are asked to keep distance between each other - for example, when waiting for the toilets.   Please speak to your child about the importance of social distancing. 


      Drinking fountains in the school are currently for refilling water bottles only. No direct drinking from the fountains is allowed. Please send your child to school with a refillable water bottle that has been clearly labelled with their name and class. 


      Staff and students must receive a negative test result on a RAT daily before heading to school. If your child receives a positive result, please keep them home and inform both the CHP and the school nurse. We are required to inform the CHP each day of the number of students who test positive, so you will need to report this to the school nurse when your child tests positive.


      Due to EDB and CHP guidelines, students will have two snacks at school, and all food needs to be 'self-contained' and easy to eat', this should be handheld and not require utensils.  Please provide a piece of fruit, a cereal bar, or a similar handheld item for the first snack. Something more substantial like a sandwich or wrap would be good for the second snack. Please note that the second snack will be eaten in the school hall without tables due to the EDB and CHP guidelines. It is important that we adhere to the guidelines of having two snacks to remain open for the full day, and we appreciate families supporting us with this. 

      Students subject to an Amber QR Code after returning from an overseas trip will be provided with an area to eat separately from the other students in the school. 


      • Topic 2


        From October the 1st, the Hk Government, EDB and ESF have advised the school that to participate in both school-run and external-provider Extra Curricular Activities, students will be required to have taken three vaccines or a minimum of 2 BioNTech vaccines. 

        From November the 1st, all primary school students are expected to have taken three vaccines or a minimum of 2 BioNTech vaccines to be counted in the 90% threshold required for schools to return to regular routines. 

        Students who are recovering from covid or within the threshold of waiting to take their next vaccine will not be included in the above requirements. Please see the CHP website for further details on being fully vaccinated. Below is a screenshot from the CHP showing the number of vaccinations required for each age group.

        Your assistance with helping us to return to regular school routines by vaccinating your child against covid-19 as soon as possible is appreciated.

        Vaccinations required

        • Topic 3


          Lessons at school begin at 8:30am

          Classrooms open at 8:15am. 

          The school gate will open at 8:05am for students who need to arrive early. 

          Students who arrive between 8:05am and  8:15am will be supervised in the covered area of the lower playground.

          Main Gate

          Beginning of School Day - Drop Off

          Students Enter Via the Main Gate (closest to Old Peak Rd)

          ESF APP Temperature and RAT Record

          Please remember to complete and upload your child's temperature and RAT result on the ESF App before leaving home. 

          If your child has a temperature of 37.4 degrees or above, or if they are experiencing coughs, colds or flu-like symptoms, you should not send your child to school.

          If you have any questions, please email our school nurse at or call 25221919.

          As the children arrive, they will use hand sanitiser and be temperature checked. 

          Please note:

          • Only the 'Main Gate' (closest to Old Peak Road) will be open in the morning.

          • We kindly ask that parents and caregivers say goodbye on Hornsey Road so we can preserve social distancing measures and have a one-way flow into the site.

          • Please ensure that your child arrives close to the start of the school day between 8:15 am and 8:30 am. 

          The school gate will be open from 8:05 am, but classrooms are not supervised until 8:15 am. Students arriving before 8:15 am will be supervised in the covered area of the lower playground.

          • Children who take the bus will be greeted by staff when they arrive at school. They will be supervised before they head to classrooms.  

          • The playgrounds will not be open to students before or after on-site learning due to current covid-19 restrictions.

          End of School Day -  Pick Up

          Pick Up Times

          Adults collecting children must have a Blue LHS QR code.

          Please note:

          • Classes will be dismissed in by year groups at staggered times.

          • Parents and caregivers, please wait outside the school's Main Gate (closest to Old Peak Rd) until your child's class is called. 

          • We ask that parents/caregivers enter when the eldest siblings' class is called. This is because we have limited space in the undercover area for adults to wait. Younger siblings will continue to be supervised until they are collected with their elder sibling(s).

          • Parents and caregivers who are picking up must not have a Red or Amber QR code. If the person who regularly picks up your child has a Red or Amber QR, please make alternative arrangements for someone else to pick up. 

          • When parents and caregivers enter the school grounds, please temperature check and move socially distanced through the grounds. This is a one-way system. 

          • If you change your child's end-of-day routine in advance, preferably at least one day in advance, please inform the class teacher and office by email. If you do not receive a response, please call the office. 

          • On the day, if there are any last-minute changes to your child's end-of-school routine (for example, playdates or being picked up by a friend), please inform the school office by phone (25221919). Teachers are not always able to check emails during class time, so it is important that if there are any changes to your child's end-of-day routines during the day, you phone the office to confirm that the school is aware of the change. 

          • Please note where parents and caregivers are running late, students will be supervised in the school office until they are collected.

          Year 5 and 6 Student Walkers (Permission to walk unaccompanied)

          If you would like your child to leave the school site unaccompanied by an adult to make their own way home, we must have your permission on our records before allowing this.

          We currently only allow Year 5 and 6 students to walk home unaccompanied. A designated adult must collect younger siblings. 

          The process is to log into your child's Gateway account, select the "After School Arrangements" tab, and select "Walk alone" from the drop-down menu.

          Your child will then be given a pass card to show to the staff at the exit gate. Without this card, we will not allow children to leave the school site unaccompanied.

          If there are any changes to your child's status as an 'unaccompanied walker', please update Gateway and also inform the school office.

          Inclement Weather 

          We continue to follow our standard procedures in the event of inclement weather. Please see our school website for further details:

          • Topic 4


            • Two Masks 

            Please provide at least two masks per day.  Children should wear one, and have a spare mask in their bag.  Children are required by EDB and CHP to wear masks throughout the day while on site.    

            • A refillable water bottle (clearly named)  

            Drinking directly from the water fountains is not permitted however the fountains do have refill spouts that students can use to refill their own water bottles.

            • Snacks and Breaks

            Due to EDB and CHP guidelines, students will have two snacks at school, and all food needs to be 'self-contained' and easy to eat', this should be handheld and not require utensils.  Please provide a piece of fruit, a cereal bar, or a similar handheld item for the first snack. Something more substantial like a sandwich or wrap would be good for the second snack. Please note that the second snack will be eaten in the school hall without tables due to the EDB and CHP guidelines. It is important that we adhere to the guidelines of having two snacks to remain open for the full day, and we appreciate families supporting us with this. 

            Please do not send in hot meals or any meals that need to be eaten at a table. Due to the stringent requirements stipulated by the EDB we are unable to provide tables during the second snack, which has to be eaten in the school hall.

            Students subject to an Amber QR Code after returning from overseas travel will be assigned an eating area separate from other students.

            Please help us to adhere to the guidelines from the EDB. We are not serving lunch at school, which is defined as a meal that is eaten with utensils at a table. 

            • Pencil Cases and Stationery  

            Children in all year groups are invited to bring in a pencil case. All shared resources provided in school will need to be cleaned after the class has used them.  We will be able to provide some stationary, but we ask that parents send children with a few key items to assist with this.

            Please provide your child with a pencil, a pen in blue or black, a rubber, a ruler and a pencil sharpener.  If children want to bring other coloured pencils or pens, then they can do so.  Please make sure the pencil case is small, manageable and named.

            • Temperature Check and RAT test 

            Every day that your child attends school, please update your child's temperature and RAT result on the ESF App. Please remember to do this as it is still a requirement from the CHP for your child to attend school. 

            Remember, if your child has any symptoms of a cold or flu, then please keep them at home and do not return to school until 48 hours after a fever has subsided.

            • School Uniform 

            Children are expected to wear their school uniform or P.E. kit to school.

            • Topic 5

              WHAT TO WEAR (The School Uniform and PE Kit)

              Starting a new school is always exciting and buying a uniform is all part of the process! Here is some information about how to order Glenealy School Uniform and PE Kit for your child (or children). 

              Glenealy School Uniform is ordered online and delivered to your home.  

              You can order online straight away. A guide with further information about the uniform and how it should be worn can be found here.  The correct fit is important and returns and exchanges may incur additional costs. Orders should be dispatched within 3-5 working days, dependent on stock availability.

              Uniforms can also be purchased in person directly from the uniform supplier. Direct sales, exchanges and returns are available at their retail outlet in Lai Chi Kok - directions can be found on the uniform website.  Uniform fittings will be by appointment only. Their contact details are located here.

              We request that you ensure that all uniform items are clearly labelled with your child’s name. 

              Please email the PTA at if you require any further information.

              If your child is new to the school and unable to secure a uniform before the first day, please let the office know. We do have some spare uniform items that may be loaned. If a spare uniform is unavailable, please ensure your child has dressed appropriately for school and that they wear clothing and footwear that will allow them to participate in all activities. 

              A PTA second-hand uniform sale is planned during the first few days of the school year - please check the school calendar, our latest newsletter or contact the PTA for further information.

              • Topic 6


                Visitors aged over 12 need a Blue Leave Home Safe (LHS) QR code. Students attending Glenealy School do not currently need to provide a Leave Home Safe QR code to access the school, however, if they are given a red or amber code, please inform the school. Students on Amber can attend school but need to eat separately from their fellow students and a space will be asigned for this. Students on a Red code cannot attend school. 

                QR CODE

                Students and staff members may attend school if their QR code is Blue or Amber. 

                Staff and students with Amber QR codes will be assigned a designated eating space.

                All visitors (persons who are not staff members or students) aged over 12 years of age must have a Blue LHS Code to enter the school. 

                Please let us know if your arrival date is delayed due to travel arrangements.

                Telephone:  2522 1919


                Parents and caregivers with an Amber or Red QR code will need to arrange for another adult to collect their child from school at the end of the day. 

                Unfortunately, the EDB guidelines do not allow any visitors (including parents) with an Amber or Red code into the school grounds. This includes the "buffer zones" at pick-up and drop-off.

                Please note - it is the parent's responsibility to inform the school if their child is subject to an Amber Code.

                • Topic 7


                  Please remember that it is still a CHP requirement that every student has their temperature checked, and they record a negative RAT result via the ESF App each morning. 

                  ESF APP

                  If your child has a temperature >37.4, please keep them at home and do not return to school until 48 hours after the fever has passed.

                  If your child has any cold or flu-like symptoms, please keep our community safe and the school open by keeping them at home.

                  If your child has a recurring problem such as allergies which can present with cold or flu-like symptoms, please ensure that they have a note from their doctor accompanied by a negative Covid-19 test before returning to school. Please share this paperwork with our school nurse ( before your child returns to school.

                  The below is not intended to be an exhaustive list, but it gives a broad overview of the types of measures in place at the school.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

                  General Measures:

                  • All staff and students should wear masks at all times and wash/sanitise their hands regularly.

                  • Children and staff must receive a negative result on a RAT before heading to school. Children and staff with positive RAT results must stay home and report this to the CHP and also the school nurse.

                  • Children and staff check their own temperature before setting off for school.

                  • Children and staff temperatures are taken again upon arrival at school.

                  • Child and family declarations around travel and exposure are in place. 

                  • If a child develops a fever or respiratory issues during the day, they will be sent to the school nurse.

                  Drop off and Pick Up Time - Preventative Measures

                  • Please see Pick Up and Drop Off page of this site

                  Movement around the building

                  • Classes have designated staircases during certain times of the day to avoid overcrowding.

                  • Children will be socially distanced when eating their snacks.

                  • Lunches will be eaten in the school hall to ensure compliance with EDB regulations.

                  Hygiene, Cleaning and Ventilation

                  • All classrooms will be cleaned at least twice daily.

                  • The classrooms are well ventilated.

                  • Hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes are provided in all classrooms.

                  • Students can refill their drinking bottles at the water fountains - no drinking directly from the fountains at this time.

                  • Paper towel dispensers are available in all toilets. The hand dryers are currently turned off.

                  • Lidden bins are positioned in all areas of the school. 

                  • Mask disposal bins are provided on each floor. All masks should be disposed of in the allocated mask disposal bins. 

                  • P.E. Equipment will be disinfected at the end of each session, and students will sanitise their hands at the beginning and end of the PE session. 

                  • Masks must be kept on in music lessons, even for singing - no woodwind instruments will be used, and any shared musical instruments will be disinfected at the end of each session.

                  Playgrounds and Breaks

                  • Children will be spread across the play spaces to avoid overcrowding.

                  • Children can play games, but close contact sports will not be allowed.

                  Social Distancing:

                  At Glenealy, we will ensure we observe all CHP and EDB recommendations to keep your child healthy. 

                  Visitors over 12 years with a Red or Amber Leave Home Safe QR Code are not permitted to enter the school.

                  If you have any questions about this area, please do not hesitate to contact us.

                  • Topic 8


                    We welcome parents' questions. Please send questions to

                    • Will the school bus be running?

                    Yes.  Kwoon Chung bus company will be in touch with you this week to arrange the schedule.  Bus company employees will follow the CHP and EDB guidelines.  Parents should take their children's temperature at home.  Upon arrival, children will be greeted by school staff who will take children's temperatures before children proceed to classes.

                    • My child has a younger brother who is not in school. As I cannot leave him at home unattended, would I be able to bring him along to drop off and pick up?

                    Bringing younger children to school at drop-off and pick-up is no problem. Families can come into school together, maintaining social distance from other families before the temperature check. All people entering the school site will need to wear masks, and unfortunately, younger siblings will need to stay with their parents or carers while they wait as none of the play equipment will be open for use either at drop-off or pick-up.

                    • Will children wear their masks during P.E. lessons? What will P.E. lessons look like?

                    Here are the relevant EDB guidelines for PE, along with our practical approach at Glenealy.

                      • Masks should be worn as far as possible.

                      • Students should not wear masks when taking part in moderate - or vigorous-intensity physical activities.

                      • Students should keep a physical distance of at least 1m apart from each other if wearing masks or at least 1.5m apart from each other if not wearing masks.

                      • Students should avoid sharing sports equipment.

                    Initially, PE lessons will be kept to low-intensity activities to assess their fitness levels following our extended non-contact period. If, however, a child is having breathing discomfort during the lesson due to the mask, they will have an adequately distanced area where they may remove their mask for easier breathing. 

                    As intensity levels may increase over the coming weeks, masks will be removed as appropriate with students kept at a minimum of 1.5m distance from each other during this period. Please be assured that the type and intensity of all activities will be carefully managed for each individual to ensure a safe yet positive experience for all. 

                    Furthermore, while the use of shared equipment will be avoided, net-game activities such as tennis and badminton are permitted as each child will have their own striking implement for the lesson and the sharing of the projectile will be at a properly maintained social distance with hand hygiene performed. 

                    Children will wash their hands at the beginning and end of each PE lesson, and all equipment will be disinfected before another group uses them. Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the lesson also.

                    • What if a child has symptoms?

                    If your child has a temperature before school, do not send them to school. If a child presents with a cough, cold or flu symptoms at home, please do not send them in. If they present with any of these symptoms at school, our Health team will take over and will contact the child’s family for them to come and collect the child.  Please note that temperature or respiratory symptoms do not mean a child has Covid-19.  

                    • What happens if the school is advised that a child who has been on site has COVID-19? 

                    We will follow the EDB and CHP guidelines. Generally, only students who live with a covid positive person will be required to isolate however we are guided by the EDB and CHP guidance depending on the actual circumstances. 

                    • Will children always be sitting at their tables in their chairs?

                    Teachers will have planned methodically to enable children to safely and appropriately move in their learning areas around the school safely and appropriately. Accordingly, children will have a variety of locations within which they will learn whilst continuing to be safe at school.

                    • Will children be using drinking fountains?

                    Drinking fountains can only be used to refill water bottles. No direct drinking from water fountains is permitted. Please send a refillable water bottle to school with your child. This should be clearly marked with their name and class.

                    • Will I be allowed to come into the school with my child?

                    Parents who walk their children to school will say goodbye on the Hornsey Rd footpath outside the school's Main Gate. If you pick up your child after school, you must remain in the "buffer zone". This buffer zone is a one-way system that begins at the main gate and moves single files through the lower playground to where students will be waiting for you. You then enter out of the Carpark Gate.  

                    If you need to be on the school site for any other reason, it is best to have an appointment so that the office staff can ensure all Covid-19 guidelines are being met. All non-students and non-staff are required to have a Blue QR code to access the school site and should be fully vaccinated. 

                    From time to time, there will be specific events and invitations for you to join us on-site. Please refer to the guidance that will be shared with you at the appropriate time for these events.

                    • What if I, as a parent, need to come to school (e.g. for uniform fitting)?

                    Where possible, please make an appointment with the school office, PTA administrator or relevant staff member. All non-students are required to check in at the school office and be prepared to show their LHS App QR code and be temperature checked. Everyone on-site must wear a mask at all times. From time to time and for various activities, additional H&S conditions and guidelines will be followed to ensure the safety of all students, staff and the wider community.

                    • What happens if my child or I are subject to an Amber LHS QR Code?

                    Students who are subject to an Amber QR Code can attend school. They will be given a designated eating area away from other students during the 3 days they are subject to the Amber code.

                    Parents and caregivers cannot enter the school with an Amber or Red Code. This includes accessing the "buffer zones" pick-up. Please arrange for someone with a Blue QR code to collect your child at the end of the day.

                    • What if we are delayed returning due to travel restrictions?

                    Please inform the school: Telephone:  2522 1919

                    • Will School Provide RAT tests for my child?

                    Yes. The school will provide RAT tests to students for use on school days. We aim to send these home on the first day. Please provide your own test for the morning of the first day of school.

                    • What if my child receives a compulsory testing order?

                    They should complete the instructions of the order. However, your child can come to school if their RAT is negative.

                    The PCR result should be emailed to

                    • Do students need to change in and out of PE Kit?

                    No. On the days that students have PE, they can wear their PE Kit all day.

                    • After School ECAs

                    If your child is taking part in an after-school ECA run by an external provider (not a Glenealy School staff member), we ask that parents/caregivers supervise their child between the end of the school day and the beginning of the ECA. Students wait downstairs until their ECA coach/tutor comes to collect them.

                    If your child needs to change into another outfit (for example, gymnastic outfits), then when appropriate, a staff member will allow parents/carers to accompany their child to the second-floor toilets to change. Once changed, please return to the lower playground waiting area until students are collected.

                    Parents and caregivers are currently not supposed to wait at the school site during the ECAs. The ECA instructor will dismiss students at the main gate.

                    If you have any questions not answered above, please do not hesitate to contact us:

                    David Benzie (Health and Safety Officer):

                    Nurse Kate:

                    School Office: